Ananda Luna is a cross cultural musical project fronted by Anjalirose formed in response to the xenophobia, fear, and racism Americans witness in the wake of the “Trump Era”. Ananda Luna is currently based in Southern Spain but was born in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts, home to some phenomenal musicians and hippies who have inspired the project to keep it’s passion for art and music honest and alive.

Anjali has been playing classical piano since the age of 8 but started playing in bands and writing her own music when she was 20. The first was an all women’s indie rock folk band called Sapphic Prince, with a 5 piece jazz indie fusion group called Ginger Libations, and a short lived 3 piece indie fusion band called “Maple Babe” soon to follow after. While living in Western Massachusetts USA Anjali met a touring band from Montreal called “Thanya Iyer” who inspired her to start taking her music to Montreal and beyond. The name Ananda comes from the sanskrit word meaning “divine love” amongst other translations and Luna means “moon” in Spanish. For Anjali, Ananda Luna is the accumulation of musical and artistic tools she has gathered from activists, feminists, musicians, and artists who have inspired her amongst many others to create and share love through art. Anjali’s bi racial heritage and frequent visits to India growing up influence Anunda Luna’s sound as it continues to expand and grow it’s global perspective.

An Ananda Luna performance usually involves audience participation and invited friends to play on stage with little preparation, to capture the beauty and challenge of spontaneity. Makeshift or recycled hand percussion is passed around as well as looped sequences on a microphone so the audience can feel what it means to create a living piece of art in unity. The last performance Anjali performed in Almería Spain at a feminist rally involved yoga, and vocal yawning exercises to meditative looped vocal sequences.

Ananda Luna is now learning the beauty of flamenco music as well as beat making and DJ electronics while the project is based in Andalusia España, with plans to tour Europe this summer. Ananda Luna has recently spent time recording and preparing for their first professional EP release through Santa Rosa Records, most of which was recorded at Ghost Hit Recording Studios with band mates from Anjali’s aforementioned collaborations.