Art is about community. Arte es sobre comunidad. Here are some folks Ananda Luna has met and collaborated with along the journey! Much love and appreciation for all we have created together 😀 Aquí hay personas con quien Ananda Luna tenía y tiene conexiones, colaboraciones, conciertos y amor.

Renee Mary Kumar  {NJ USA} : Abstract Water Color artist

Thanya Iyer {Montreal CA} indie experimental melodic bliss

Amani Saed {London UK}: Fearless spoken word poet and writer

Mezcla Profunda {Olympia WA/ Andalusia España}

Grey Heron {Western Massachusetts USA}: Jazz band fronted by the lovely Haley Grey

Casey Opal {Western Massachusetts USA}: Dark, brilliant, melodic singer songwriter of Space Kase

Institute For The Musical Arts {Goshen Massachusetts USA}: A home to many women and queer musicians, brought to us by the beautiful Ann Hackler and June Millington (from the band “Fanny”)

You Yourself and I: {Montreal CA}

Mad Habits: {Western Massachusetts USA}

Ian Bauer: {Western Massachusetts USA} Videographer, Multi Media Artist and instrumentalist

Kimmortal: { CA} R&B musician, artist, activist and educator

Eli Catlin: {Western Massachusetts USA}

Oroboro: {Western Massachusetts USA}

Wishbone Zoe:{Western Massachusetts USA}

Jacqui Alpine:

Noelle Tannen and the Filthy No No’s: {New Orleans/ NYC USA}

Viola Deadgowns {Portland Maine USA}:

Ritual Talk:{NYC USA}

Jackie Bowdin: {Western Massachusetts, MA} Visual Artist

Simon and Nagisa:

Max and Benji:

Kim Gibbons of Zoki: {Western Massachusetts USA}

Margot De Costerd:

Mica: {Western Massachusetts USA}

Nina Donogue: