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Ananda Luna is a musical project with sounds centering around indie folk, jazz, flamenco, and hindustani music. Fronted by singer songwriter Anjali rose, Ananda Luna hopes to find a home around the world as it brings people together to question the xenophobia plaguing this constantly changing planet. Although Ananda Luna plays music, the project invites interdisciplinary collaborations for performances including poetry, visual arts, and other forms of building community and evoking social reflections. Anjali is a feminist, and environmentalist, and a lot of her work centers around supporting .. movement  :p .

Ananda Luna es un proyecto musical. Ananda Luna quiere encontrar un hogar en el mundo y unir gente con su música de combatir xenofobia que infecta este planeta. Ananda Luna le gusta de colaborar con artistas de disciplinarios diferente como poesía, artes visuales etc.  y con culturas y generaciones diferentes para crear espacios de exploración, comunidad y reflexiones sociales. Anjali es una feminista, y ecologista y su trabajo esta centrado en apoyando…movimiento :p .

Ananda Luna est un projet musical. Ananda Luna veut trouver une maison dans le monde et unir les gens avec sa musique pour lutter contre la xénophobie qui infecte cette planète. Ananda Luna aime collaborer avec des artistes de différentes disciplines telles que la poésie, les arts visuels, etc. et avec différentes cultures et générations pour créer des espaces d’exploration, de réflexion communautaire et sociale. Anjali est une féministe et écologiste, et son travail est centré sur le soutien … du mouvement: p.





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Summer Tour 2019

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Art is about community. Arte es sobre comunidad. Here are some folks Ananda Luna has met and collaborated with along the journey! Much love and appreciation for all we have created together 😀 Aquí hay personas con quien Ananda Luna tenía y tiene conexiones, colaboraciones, conciertos y amor.

Renee Mary Kumar  {NJ USA} : Abstract Water Color artist

Thanya Iyer {Montreal CA} indie experimental melodic bliss

Amani Saed {London UK}: Fearless spoken word poet and writer

Mezcla Profunda {Olympia WA/ Andalusia España} https://www.facebook.com/mezclaprofunda/

Grey Heron {Western Massachusetts USA}: Jazz band fronted by the lovely Haley Grey

Casey Opal {Western Massachusetts USA}: Dark, brilliant, melodic singer songwriter of Space Kase

Institute For The Musical Arts {Goshen Massachusetts USA}: A home to many women and queer musicians, brought to us by the beautiful Ann Hackler and June Millington (from the band “Fanny”)

You Yourself and I: {Montreal CA}

Mad Habits: {Western Massachusetts USA}

Ian Bauer: {Western Massachusetts USA} Videographer, Multi Media Artist and instrumentalist

Kimmortal: { CA} R&B musician, artist, activist and educator

Eli Catlin: {Western Massachusetts USA} http://www.elicatlin.com

Oroboro: {Western Massachusetts USA}

Wishbone Zoe:{Western Massachusetts USA}

Jacqui Alpine:

Noelle Tannen and the Filthy No No’s: {New Orleans/ NYC USA} https://www.noelletannenmusic.com

Viola Deadgowns {Portland Maine USA}:

Ritual Talk:{NYC USA} https://ritualtalk.com

Jackie Bowdin: {Western Massachusetts, MA} Visual Artist

Simon and Nagisa:

Max and Benji:

Kim Gibbons of Zoki: {Western Massachusetts USA}

Margot De Costerd:

Mica: {Western Massachusetts USA}

Nina Donogue:

Past conciertos



3.30 Coños Project Salamanca España

3.29 La Tertulia Granada España

3.27 La Oficina Almería España

3.10 La Guajira Almería España. Jornada por Igualdad con Beatriz Herrerias y Madeline Farías (Siempre Bruja)

2.28 Vimaambi Granada España. Con Lara Muslera

2.22 La Bella Dorita Cuevas De Almanzora España. Defendiendo la esquela publica

 2.3 Berja España. Revortijo con Arte


11.23 Super 8 Almería España. Fiesta Feminista. con Beatriz Herrerias. Silvia Romero. Didizz.

09.27 Muchmores NYC USA con Ginger Libations, Casey Opal. Grey Heron.

9.22 Gateway City Arts, Holyoke MA

9.20 Fruit St. Northampton MA USA con Mad Habits.Thanya Iyer. Grey Heron

9.19 The Glove NYC USA con Thanya Iyer

9.2 The Root Cellar Greenfield MA con Wendy Eisenberg, Miles Hewitt, Little Boy on Bike

8.17 Love Bubble Montreal CA con Thanya Iyer, You Yourself and I, Shapes

7.29 Belltower Records Opening Reception, North Adams MA

7.26 Hawks and Reed MA con Emily Carter. Brahm Masla. Thanya Iyer

7.24 Garden gig in Northampton MA con Daniel Gelinas, Dead Gowns, Hayes Peebles

7.23 Bishops Lounge Northampton MA con Brahm Masla y Hyperbowl’n

7.7 Le Plante Montreal CA con Amani Saeed. Kimmortal. Ariel Soucy

5.13 The Radio Bean Burlington VM USA

5.12 Resonance Cafe Montreal CA con Thany Iyer

4.19 Power House Amherst MA USA con Casey Opal, Maple Babe, Ritual Talk

4.18 Red Barn Hampshire MA USA con Maple Babe, Grey Heron, Oglaka

4.5 Smith College Northampton MA USA con Noelle Tannen and the Filthy No No’s

4.4. Northampton MA USA con Blame Cadence, Kimaya Diggs

3.6 Oberlin Ohio USA con Virginia Pine. Keerthi Sridharan

2.10 13th Queen Northampton MA USA con Ginger Libations. Aly Gear. Jacqui Alpine. Ned Haweeli & Jake Landau


11.17 Tubecats MA USA con Ada Lea (montreal), New Spine (Portland ME), Space Kase

10.27 13 Queen Northampton MA USA
con Ginger Libations, Kozmic Peoples. Jacqui Alpine

10. 26 Lutheirs Coop Easthampton MA con Ginger Libations

10.8 Radio Bean Burlington VM USA con Lydia Ivanovich, Casey Opal, Oroboro

9.7 Northampton MA USA Arts Council reception con Lydia Ivanovich

8.27 Le Cagibi Montreal CA. con Holo Body. Callahan. Arielle Soucy. Toddler

8.19 Lady and the Amp Festival at IMA Goshen USA playing keys in Space Case

3.27 Greeno Subshop Amherst USA Beverly Tender. Pits. Story Time

3.16. 13th Floor East Hampton MA USA. Oroboro. Sleepy Monks. Ash Chugger

hay mas pero no recuerdo ahora…. 🙂